ClamWin Portable


Eliminate virus and malware with this portable antivirus


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ClamWin is a security application published under GNU license that allows you to eliminate any malicious software from your computer, no matter if it is virus, spyware , adware or any other.

ClamWin takes adavantage of automatic updates that make you stay safe when surfing the Internet because you know you are protected against the latest threats.

It can be integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. That offers you control over a lot of actions. Your Pc will be really safe if you use this application.

Clamwin Portable is perfect for those people who use different computers but they don't trust their owners and want to be safe when accessing and copying files from those computers.

If you are one of those users, you only have to copy Clamwin Portable in your PenDrive and plug it in the computer you want to use. ClamWin Portable will protect your data.
By Álvaro Toledo
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